Best perfume scents for HOT weather!

Are you a perfume junkie? If so, then you know that every season has its own scent. You also know that perfumes have different notes, which are the individual scents that come together to make up a fragrance. Each note can evoke a certain feeling or emotion. For example, my favorite winter scent is Red Door by Elizabeth Arden because it’s rich and warm with notes of vanilla and amber. During the summer months when I’m looking for lighter fragrances to wear, I often opt for more floral scents like French lavender or rose.

If you’re wondering how to choose perfumes based on the weather during each season, read on! We’ll cover what types of scents are best suited for hot weather in particular, as well as some tips on how best to layer your new summer eau de parfum over time (spoiler alert: layering is key).

Be on the lookout for perfumes with notes of fig, fruit, and vanilla

You should be on the lookout for perfumes with fig, fruit, and vanilla notes. These will help you smell refreshingly light and airy in the hot weather.

Figs are sweet and light, so they’re a good choice for summer scents. If you like figs in baking or floral arrangements, then you’ll probably love them in perfume!

Fruit notes generally evoke freshness (they’re often used in fruity cocktails), but some fruits are better than others for warm weather. Try a perfume that has citrus or berry notes; these will make you feel refreshed without weighing down your pores on hot days.*


Look for a fragrance with hints of citrus or fruit

For those with a sweet tooth, citrus scents can be the perfect way to refresh your senses in hot weather. Citrus notes are refreshing and clean, but still light enough to keep you feeling energized throughout the day. They’re also great for helping you wake up early in the morning without feeling too heavy on your skin or overpowering for your senses.

  • Orange blossom is one of my favorite notes for summertime because it smells like a dreamy day at the beach: soft sand and warm salt water with just a hint of orange peel layered overtop. It’s perfect paired with coconut oil or lotion if you want to add even more moisture into your routine!

  • Grapefruit is another favorite of mine because it reminds me so much of summer days spent eating breakfast outside while reading a good book on my porch swing—it makes me feel like I’m living inside an episode from Friends!

Look for fragrances with woody scents such as cedar and sandalwood

  • Look for fragrances with woody scents such as cedar and sandalwood. These are warm, comforting scents that can be used to mask unpleasant odors. They’re also often used in men’s colognes and women’s perfumes because they have a long-lasting effect and aren’t overpowering.

  • Opt for floral or fruity perfumes if you’re looking for a more refreshing scent that will last all day long. Floral perfumes tend to be lighter than woody fragrances, while fruity scents are lighthearted but still sweet enough to make you feel pretty good about yourself when you smell them!

  • Consider your personal style before purchasing any new perfume: If you like bold colors like reds or greens then try out one of our bright colored fragrances today!

Look for a floral scent, such as rose or jasmine.

  • Look for a floral scent, such as rose or jasmine.

  • Roses are known for their strong, long-lasting scent that lingers on anything you wear. Jasmine is a complex floral scent with exotic notes and can be heavy in warmer weather.

  • If you want to go bolder with your fragrance selection, try something citrusy like bergamot or grapefruit! These scents are also known for their refreshing qualities during the summer months (and they always smell good).

Try feminine florals such as French lavender and rose

Try feminine florals such as French lavender and rose. Floral scents are typically light, airy, and subtle — perfect for hot weather. Florals are also romantic, so if you want to add an extra touch of romance to your summer nights (or even just wear them all day long), this is the way to go!

You want to find perfumes that are light, airy, and subtle.

You want to find perfumes that are light, airy, and subtle. You don’t want to smell like you’re wearing a lot of perfume. You want to find perfumes that complement your natural scent.


We hope that our guide has helped you find the perfect perfume for the hot weather!

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